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Dog Walking


Safe and fun dog walking. Professional, knowledgeable and loving. Walks on leash with lots of play, and exercise. Your pooch will come home rested and content. 


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Pet Sitting


Going out of town? No problem, let us take care of your furry friends and you'll be worry free! Each visit includes feeding and fresh water, play time, snuggle time.


My name is Jocelyn Militante, founder of East Meets West Pet Care.
My goal is simple, to provide quality pet care at affordable prices. I started this business because I love spending time with animals.  
I feel it's important for animals to have a bond with their caregiver, and that can only be formed with a consistent care provider. So while large pet care companies have their place, with me you get consistency, security and familiarity for your loved ones, a bond for life.
I aim to provide exceptional personalized care. You'll have peace of mind knowing I also have an experienced team member available for morning and afternoon visits. We've worked with all breeds, and all are welcome. No matter the situation your loved ones are always cared for.
"Orange County dog walking, Pet care, cat sitting"

I've been taking care of animals my entire life. I grew up on a farm in upstate NY and spent all my free time with a variety of farm animals, domestics, and the occasional raccoon, opossum and fox.


I've been a professional pet sitter and dog walker since 2006. I started my business in NJ, moved out to Orange County in 2014 and have continued working with animals ever since.


To say I love what I do is an understatement. It's impossible to have a bad day when you get to go to work and see those furry faces staring back at you with excitement and love.


Love after puppy's walk

I'm originally from the San Francisco Bay Area. My little family and I have lived in beautiful Costa Mesa since 2011.


I’ve been dog walking and pet sitting as a full time career since 2011. My background working with animals includes 11 years in veterinary care.

I enjoy jogging with my doggy clients, playing fetch, practicing commands “sit, stay, and come”.


  • I know basic pet first aid; as recommended by AVMA

  • I favor the techniques of Cesar Milan, providing exercise, discipline and affection

  • I provide reward after walks; treats, water and lots of love

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